Helping children with limb loss overcome their limits!

kevin kraus 

My name is Kevin and I've been an amputee for a little less than a year. I was in a motorcycle accident where my leg was severely injured and was amputated below the knee. After the accident, I realized how precious life is because I came so close to not being here at all. I found a new appreciation for life! And now I am driven to get the most out of it! There is a World of possibility out there for active amputees. As soon as I received my prosthetic, I returned to my active lifestyle of lifting weights, doing crossfit, rock climbing, snowboarding, swimming, cycling, and I even competed in a triathlon! My GOoaL is to now turn my accident into a positive force in my life and to help motivate those around me, especially other amputees. Life is full of challenges, and it's how we choose to handle those challenges that make us who we are. Always remember: #AttitudeIsEverything

Introducing our MENTORS:

Cady Tescher 

My name is Cady and I am 22 years old. I have been an amputee since I was 8 months old and learned to walk with my first prosthesis at 10 months old. My foot was not fully developed when I was born, so after seeing several specialists, my parents decided to have it amputated. I could not be more thankful for that decision! Being an amputee has not stopped me from doing ANYTHING! I grew up playing sports, tumbling and cheering for my high school cheer team, and living life as any other kid would. I have not let my disability define me or keep me from doing anything I set my mind to, which is what I hope to inspire others to do as well. I am currently studying psychology at Cal State University of Fullerton. My passion for psychology has come from being an amputee and wanting to mentor and counsel others in every aspect of life, but especially other amputees. Being apart of Go Out On A Limb has lit a spark in me to reach out to others who have struggled with limb loss, and motivate and inspire them to embrace their differences.

Our Mentorship Program consists of Adult Amputee role models who live their life with a "Never Give Up" attitude. Each mentor is carefully selected to maintain the GOoaL mission to educate, support, and empower children with limb loss to develop a positive GO attitude while living a healthy, active, happy, and independent lifestyle. Mentors are available at each event to answer questions, inspire by example, and encourage the children that nothing is out of their reach! 


If you're an adult amputee and interested in being a mentor, please email and title your email "Mentor." Also, please include your contact info and a brief paragraph about yourself.

Thanks! We are excited to have you be part of the GOoaL team!

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